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About Us


Our family is from Northeast Tennessee. We believe sipping sweet tea on a porch swing improves the taste, fried chicken should be crispy and meals should include serious good taste, idea sharing, love and laughter.


Our Story

Where It All Began

We learned from our parents and grandparents the importance of protecting mealtimes. We sit together and thank God for His provision, discuss opportunities and miracles such as that the seeds we plant show up later on our plates as delicious vegetables.

Danny started our children each morning with a warm, homemade breakfast, lovingly preparing food like his mother had prepared for him and his brothers and sister.

When she was young, Tammy sat on the counter next to her Ma Deyton, as Ma rolled out dough for biscuits 3 times a day. After their engagement, Tammy baked under Ma’s supervision until she learned the craft.

Even though the Eldridge’s traveled, made and executed plans on restaurant napkins and now enjoy a diverse variety of food, they continue to hunger for the Appalachian comfort tastes they grew up eating. Danny’s favorite meal is soup beans, corn bread and poke salad. Tammy prefers kilt lettuce and yeast rolls.

Our family wants to offer yours, the opportunity to experience Appalachia taste, family style.  If you laugh and share ideas around our tables, we count that a success. Please come back and see us, more often.  

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